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API Flag Definitions


  • Beta API elements will not be available in published SDKs
  • Beta API elements are not guaranteed to work
  • Beta API signatures may change without warning, and are not guaranteed to be reverse compatible


  • Several Platforms require that you be a licensed with that platform before you can view the documentation for, or utilize those methods
  • To use or view these API methods, you must become licensed with that platform, and then send us an email so we can independently verify your status

Governs: <PropertyName>:

  • The environment or programming language for some SDKs prevents declaring some primitives as nullable
  • Under these circumstances, and only for these limited SDKs/languages/environments, the govern-flagged property will exist that allows you to define the <PropertyName> as null
  • Most SDKs will omit the govern-flagged property if the <PropertyName> is nullable in that environment


  • Deprecation proceeds in 3 steps: Proposed, Deprecated, Obsolete
    • Each has a date associated with the progression, usually 1-3 months between each stage
    • The dates will display for API methods, but not properties
  • Proposed simply labels the API element, as a warning to future development
    • Some SDKs will provide a compiler warning, if possible
  • Deprecated means that the element should no longer be used by new titles
    • It is removed from the documentation site
    • Some SDKs will provide a compiler error, if possible
  • Obsolete means that the element no longer exists for use by new or active titles
    • Only legacy titles will be able continue using this element
    • It is removed from all SDKs and documentation

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