PlayFab Beginner's Guide

Topics Covered:

1. PlayFab Features Overview

PlayFab provides tools and services for game developers. Our features breakdown into three main categories Core Services, Premium Services, and Marketplace Integrations.

Core Services (Usage Limits) Premium Services Marketplace Integrations
Player Accounts & Authentication PlayStream We are always working on new integrations.
Data Storage Server Hosting
Cloud Script Private Cloud
Virtual Item & Currency Management Content Delivery Network (CDN)
and more... Usage Limit Extensions


At our core our services are built around a state-of-the-art scalable cloud environment. This architecture expands across multiple dimensions ensuring your game scales with demand.

PlayFab Core Services Diagram
Additional details can be found in our Technical Overview White Paper

2. Accessing the Service

PlayFab can be accessed through our API. Our API comes in three distinct sets:

  1. Client API - Used to power game clients
  2. Server API - Used to power game servers; also accessible from within Cloud Script
  3. Admin API - Used to set title configuration data. Useful in stand-alone tools as well as servers.

PlayFab API Sets
Developer keys can be obtained in the Game Manager. Clients receive session tickets after successful login calls.


We provide SDKs for many common languages and platforms. We release new versions of our SDKs on a weekly basis. These updates include new API calls, bug fixes and other optimizations. Some PlayFab features may only be accessible from our most recent SDK; but don't worry, our motto is "No breaking changes". Check out our latest patch notes to see what's new.

PlayFab Call Pattern
HTTP calls are made asynchronously whenever possible (SDK permitting)

3. Introducing the Game Manager

A unified web interface for configuring and operating your game. This console empowers your developers as well as your ops team to make configuration updates without having to alter game code.

PlayFab Game Manager Peek
Take a tour with our game manager guide to learn the in's and out's of our web console.

Your Developer Account

Before you can call any PlayFab API, you must have a PlayFab developer account. If you already have a PlayFab account, you can skip this step.

Once you have a PlayFab account, navigate to the PlayFab home page,, and log in.

Since PlayFab does not know the name of your game studio or the title of your game, initial values for these fields are assigned. Unnamed Studio is the default name of your game studio and Unnamed Title is the default title of your game, as shown in the following screenshot. You can rename these at any time.

Note the Title ID value, BCFE. This value is unique to your game, which we call a “Title”, and you will use this value when you make PlayFab API calls.

PlayFab New Title
Your first title, auto-generated by us.

4. Introducing Cloud Script

Your JavaScript code hosted on PlayFab, running in a protected environment with access to the Server API set. This is very useful when you need to run secure API calls without needing to host a server. This is an advanced feature that can be utilized to great extent. Click here for an overview on the basics of Cloud Script.

PlayFab Cloud Script
Your first Cloud Script file contains useful JavaScript examples

5. Next Steps

Thanks for checking us out! You are one step closer to launching your game on PlayFab.

  • Choose an SDK - 15 SDKs to choose from
  • Start Developing - Check out our "recipes" for easy examples that you can build in minutes.
  • Join the Developer Community - Get support, report bugs and find other PlayFab developers over at our Community Forums.
  • Contribute - We love to support our community developers; building onto or extending the PlayFab platform.

Additional Resources

  • Building Blocks - A glossary of common PlayFab terms.
  • Tutorials - Additional examples can be found under the Tutorials sub-menu on
  • Videos - We have many informational videos on our YouTube page