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Unreal Marketplace Plugin - Upgrade Guide

This guide will step you through upgrading your project from either the PlayFab Unreal Cpp SDK or the PlayFab Unreal Blueprint SDK, to the new PlayFab Unreal Marketplace Plugin.

The new marketplace plugin covers the interface for both of our earlier SDKs: the direct C++ interface and the Blueprint interface. We merged the blueprint interface into the marketplace plugin without causing any breaking changes. However, to accomplish this, some minor changes were required to the Cpp SDK elements.

General upgrade instructions

  1. Remove the old PlayFab Cpp or Bp project SDK/Plugin from your project(s)
  2. See the Unreal Marketplace Plugin Getting Started, specifically the "Unreal Project Setup" section for instructions on downloading the new marketplace plugin, and adding it to your project

Upgrading from the Blueprint SDK to Marketplace Plugin:

We are confident that blueprint users who upgrade a project from the Bp SDK to the Marketplace plugin should not require any additional steps beyond replacing the plugin itself. If you have any issues, please report them to our forums.

Upgrading from the Cpp SDK to Marketplace Plugin:

  1. Find your .Build.cs file(s)
    • Find the PlayFab dependency
      • It may look like this:
      • PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "PlayFab" });
    • Remove "PlayFab", and replace it with "PlayFabCommon" and "PlayFabCpp"
      • The new line will look something like this:
      • PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "PlayFabCommon", "PlayFabCpp" });
  2. A few classes have been renamed
    • Most users have used error callbacks, so you likely used a PlayFab class named FPlayFabError. You will need to find all instances of this class and rename them to FPlayFabCppError.
    • It is unlikely, but if you ever used FPlayFabBaseModel, you will need to rename that to FPlayFabCppBaseModel
    • In the unlikely scenario that you’ve been using the LogPlayFab object for debug logging, please switch over to your own log definition. If you need an immediate solution, LogPlayFab has been renamed LogPlayFabCpp

If you have additional issues, please report them to our forums.

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