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Getting PlayFab Developer Keys

PlayFab Developer Key is used to authorize application for PlayFab Admin and Server APIs for a specific title. Developer Key is strongly coupled with a PlayFab Title. 

Acquiring Developer Key

In Game Manager, navigate to your title and click "Settings" left-menu (1). Then select "Secret Keys" tab (2). Locate the default key (3)

Multiple Keys:

Generally, the default key is sufficient to authorize your Admin and Server applications. However, you may also click "New Secret Key" button (1):

Fill in key title (1), optional expiration date (2) and click "Save Secret Key" button (3):

This will create new key that you may use to authorize Admin and Server API calls.

Use case for multiple keys:

You may need temporary keys if outsourcing some work to another company. You may also need to revoke a key that has accidentally been made public. You can create new keys and revoke keys as needed.

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