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Analytics Reports

The Reports page grants access to various reports composed from events broke down by dates. Important: before using Reports, make sure you have already executed some API calls, that are captured by report system.

Access Reports

To access Reports, use sidebar menu and navigate to "Analytics" (1). The use tabs navigation bar and navigate to "Reports" (2)

Reports Overview

  1. Filter selection allows you to filter reports by type (name)
  2. Report date indicates time interval for which report was generated. You can click date label to access report details for this specific date.
  3. Report name identifies report type uniquely. You can click name label to access report details for the corresponding date (2).
  4. When report data is available, you can download CSV representation of the data
  5. When report data is not available for a given day (no events that day), date and name labels will render black, not clickable. Downloading as CSV will not be available

Report Types

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