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Thirty Day New User Conversion Report


New User Conversion Report illustrates the percentage of players in a given cohort, who spent money in the game during their first 30 days. A cohort of players is formed every day by grouping newly-registered players. Cohort size indicates the number of players in a cohort. Note that, unlike retention reports, the conversion report tracks a cumulative total of players who converted within a given time span.

An example report, shown above, was generated on 2/13/2018. On 1/14/2018, 77,532 new players created accounts in the example title. On Day 0, 0.50% of these players made at least one transaction in the game. Since conversion reflects a cumulative total of players, these percentage values increase along the time span and reaches 1.07% on the 30th day, which corresponds to the report generation date, 2/13/2018. 

For additional details, see Metrics and Terminology.

Populating the report

To populate this report, you have to register a new user, log in, and then conduct purchases several days in a row. This, however, will produce trivial results with user conversion 100% for each day. Throwing in several users and skipping some days will produce more interesting results. The following API calls may be used to create new user accounts:

The following API calls will also create new user account and log you in automatically, if CreateAccount flag is present:

Finally, you may use following API Calls to log in:

Please, consult with Purchases guide on how to conduct payments.

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