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Thirty Day Retention Report


Retention report table illustrates how many of your players came back to the game within a 30-day period. New cohort of players is formed every day based on all the players (new and returning), who have logged in to your game on a given day (Day 0). Cohort size is defined by the number of players included in a cohort. Then each cell shows the percentage of players (%) from a given cohort who returned on each subsequent day. 

The example report shown above was generated on 1/24/2018. It shows, for instance, that on 12/25/2017, 1.38M users logged in. Then 61.85% of them logged in the next day, and 55.85% of them logged in two days later. Finally, 18.6% came back 30 days later, which corresponds to the report generate date, 1/24/2018. 

This report, in addition to the New User Retention Report, is especially useful when you are running a LiveOps event and want to check its effect on boosting engagement of existing players. For additional details, see Metrics and Terminology.

Populating the report

To populate this report, you need to register a player and then log in several days in a row, at least once. This. however, will produce trivial results, with 100% retention for each day. Throwing more players into the process and skipping some days will produce more interesting results. The following API calls may be used to log in:

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