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Creating A/B Tests

This guide demonstrates how to create A/B tests with player buckets. A/B tests allow you to use the buckets as player segments. Unlike player segments, however, A/B buckets distribute players randomly.

A/B test buckets may then be used in some of the features, where you, normally, use player segments. For example:

A/B Testing with Stores and A/B Test Buckets

Creating A/B Test

A/B tests are created though PlayFab Game Manager. Open your title page and navigate to "Automation" tab (1), then to "A/B Testing" sub-tab (2). Finally locate "New A/B Test" button (3), as shown on the picture below:

A new A/B test page will open. Keep in mind, once created, A/B test cannot be modified. Fill in the name (1). Set the number of player groups (buckets) (2). For each bucket you define a name and a percentage of players that belong to this group (3). Click "Save A/B Test" button (4) to submit the test. The workflow is illustrated on the picture below:

A/B tests page will open and newly created list will appear in the list:

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