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Event History

Important: before visiting this page, make sure that you already have some recent events posted to your title. Otherwise, the event flow will render empty. Most PlayFab APIs will post PlayStream events, or you can post your own custom events.

Access Event History Access

  1. Open PlayFab Game Manager and select Analytics from navigation sidebar
  2. Locate tabs panel and select Event History tab

Event History Page Overview


  1. Event Data Retention, this label shows the time interval for the events. For example, when it says "7 Days", only events that happened a week ago or later will be queried
  2. Event Search Query Panel, allows changing graph behavior and filtering event flow by different event properties.
  3. Event History Chart Panel, this chart shows the number and types of events happening in your title during certain time interval.
  4. Events Timeline Panel, this a list of events data sorted by time (starting with the most recent)

Search and inspect events

In this section we have the following goals:

  1. Sign player in and produce "player_logged_in" event
  2. Use Event Search Query Panel to find this event using search query
  3. Inspect this event using Events Timeline Panel
  4. Observe how this event effects Event History Chart


We are going to use CustomID method to sign the player in and produce "player_logged_in" event. Execute the following API call:

PlayFabClientAPI.LoginWithCustomID(new LoginWithCustomIDRequest()
    CreateAccount = true,
    CustomId = "12345QWERY"
result => Debug.Log("Logged in"), 
error => Debug.LogError(error.GenerateErrorReport()));

If no player is registered with given custom ID "12345QWERY", the player will be generated thanks to second parameter we pass: 

CreateAccount = true

We now have to locate the event. The easiest way to this is by means of Event Search Query Panel. We know the custom ID and we can use it as a search query:

Once you have located event in the Events Timeline Panel you can further inspect it by clicking timestamp label:

Finally, you may analyze how this event effects the overall event flow using Event History Chart:

The graph shows "player_logged_in" event being a part of several events (that match current query) produced on May 5th. 

How to inspect player events

It is possible to access Event History for a specific player:

  1. Use Game Manager and navigate to "Players" left-menu
  2. Select "Players" tab
  3. Locate the player you want to inspect and click his/her ID label
  4. Select "Event History" from the toolbar

You will be presented with an Event History page where only events related to the inspected player are shown.

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