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Players: Segments Page

Players can be collected together into a segment, with the idea that all players in the segment meet certain conditions (filters). Once the segment is defined, you can monitor total number of players in the segment and run custom actions on those players automatically or manually.

Access Players Segments

To access Player Segments, navigate to "Players" using sidebar panel (1). Then select "Segments" tab (2)


The segmentation page reflects segments you currently have defined and offers basic management capabilities.

  1. Use "New Segment" button to create new segment
  2. Segment ID, uniquely identifies the segment
  3. Segment name and description
  4. Total players matching segment filter
  5. You can select certain segments. You can then delete selected actions or run custom actions on it

For more information about defining segments, and the filtering criteria, see our Segment Configuration Guide

For more information about executing custom code for all players in a segment (once, or on a regular schedule) see our Segment Bulk Action Guide

Did you find this helpful?