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2-Factor Auth

2-Factor Auth allows you to reinforce security on your PlayFab Game Manager account by adding one more step to the authentication process. It does so by adding device-factor to the authentication process, which only allows you to authenticate if you possess a certain device, specifically registered for this purpose.

Configuring 2-Factor Authentication

Install 2-factor authentication app to your device. You may Google your own application or select your platform from the list below:

Steps are pretty much similar on all the platforms. This example shows Android-based device and Google Authenticator application.

Once the application is downloaded, open it and follow the instructions. Click "Begin" (1):

Follow through the tutorial if any (1):

Then select one of two options to add your PlayFab account. You may either scan a bar-code (1), or type in the key manually (2):

Whichever option you choose, follow to the PlayFab website and navigate to Game Manager. Click the account panel (1) and navigate to "My Profile" (2):

Account settings will open. Make sure "Enable two-factor authentication" checkbox is checked. Depending on which option you have chosen, use the code (1) or a bar-code (2) to add new account using the application on your device. 

Once this is done, you will obtain 2-factor code:

Head back to the profile settings and enter the code you received (1) and click "Save" (2):


Log out of your PlayFab account and try to log in again. First step of the authentication process will look normal:

The second step will require you to use 2-factor code. The code is available at any time and you can access it using the application you installed on your device:

Once the correct 2-factor code has been entered, you should be logged in.

This concludes setting up 2-factor authentication for PlayFab.

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