PlayFab API Documentation

If you prefer not to use our available SDKs, you can access the entire PlayFab service directly via these REST-like Web APIs. For simplicity and security, all function calls are HTTP POST requests over SSL, and all data is formatted as JSON with optional gzip encoding.

  • Client APIs which provide the full range of PlayFab features available to the client - authentication, account and data management, inventory, friends, matchmaking, reporting, and platform-specific functionality
  • Entity APIs that manage data owned by entities such as Player/User, Character, Title, Group, etc
  • Server Provides functionality to allow external (developer-controlled) servers to interact with user inventories and data in a trusted manner, and to handle matchmaking and client connection orchestration
  • Matchmaker Enables the use of an external match-making service in conjunction with PlayFab hosted Game Server instances
  • Admin APIs for managing title configurations, uploaded Game Server code executables, and user data