Request Properties
CompletedAt DateTime

UTC timestamp when the task completed.

ErrorMessage String

Error message for last processing attempt, if an error occured.

ErrorWasFatal Boolean

Flag indicating if the error was fatal, if false job will be retried.

EstimatedSecondsRemaining double

Estimated time remaining in seconds.

PercentComplete double

Progress represented as percentage.

ScheduledByUserId String

If manually scheduled, ID of user who scheduled the task.

StartedAt (required) DateTime

UTC timestamp when the task started.

Status TaskInstanceStatus

Current status of the task instance.

TaskIdentifier NameIdentifier

Identifier of the task this instance belongs to.

TaskInstanceId String

ID of the task instance.

TotalPlayersInSegment int32

Total players in segment when task was started.

TotalPlayersProcessed int32

Total number of players that have had the actions applied to.