Request Properties
Bundle CatalogItemBundleInfo

defines the bundle properties for the item - bundles are items which contain other items, including random drop tables and virtual currencies

CanBecomeCharacter (required) Boolean

if true, then an item instance of this type can be used to grant a character to a user.

CatalogVersion String

catalog version for this item

Consumable CatalogItemConsumableInfo

defines the consumable properties (number of uses, timeout) for the item

Container CatalogItemContainerInfo

defines the container properties for the item - what items it contains, including random drop tables and virtual currencies, and what item (if any) is required to open it via the UnlockContainerItem API

CustomData String

game specific custom data

Description String

text description of item, to show in-game

DisplayName String

text name for the item, to show in-game

InitialLimitedEditionCount (required) int32

If the item has IsLImitedEdition set to true, and this is the first time this ItemId has been defined as a limited edition item, this value determines the total number of instances to allocate for the title. Once this limit has been reached, no more instances of this ItemId can be created, and attempts to purchase or grant it will return a Result of false for that ItemId. If the item has already been defined to have a limited edition count, or if this value is less than zero, it will be ignored.

IsLimitedEdition (required) Boolean

BETA: If true, then only a fixed number can ever be granted.

IsStackable (required) Boolean

if true, then only one item instance of this type will exist and its remaininguses will be incremented instead. RemainingUses will cap out at Int32.Max (2,147,483,647). All subsequent increases will be discarded

IsTradable (required) Boolean

if true, then an item instance of this type can be traded between players using the trading APIs

ItemClass String

class to which the item belongs

ItemId (required) String

unique identifier for this item

ItemImageUrl String

URL to the item image. For Facebook purchase to display the image on the item purchase page, this must be set to an HTTP URL.

RealCurrencyPrices Dict<String, uint32>

override prices for this item for specific currencies

Tags List<String>

list of item tags

VirtualCurrencyPrices Dict<String, uint32>

price of this item in virtual currencies and "RM" (the base Real Money purchase price, in USD pennies)