Request Properties
AdCampaignAttributions List<AdCampaignAttribution>

Array of ad campaigns player has been attributed to

AvatarUrl String

Image URL of the player's avatar.

BannedUntil DateTime

Banned until UTC Date. If permanent ban this is set for 20 years after the original ban date.

ContactEmailAddresses List<ContactEmailInfo>

Array of contact email addresses associated with the player

Created DateTime

Player record created

DisplayName String

Player Display Name

LastLogin DateTime

Last login

LinkedAccounts List<PlayerLinkedAccount>

Array of third party accounts linked to this player

Locations Dict<String, PlayerLocation>

Dictionary of player's locations by type.

Origination LoginIdentityProvider

Player account origination

PlayerExperimentVariants List<String>

List of player variants for experimentation

PlayerId String

PlayFab Player ID

PlayerStatistics List<PlayerStatistic>

Array of player statistics

PublisherId String

Publisher this player belongs to

PushNotificationRegistrations List<PushNotificationRegistration>

Array of configured push notification end points

Statistics Dict<String, int32>

Dictionary of player's statistics using only the latest version's value

Tags List<String>

List of player's tags for segmentation.

TitleId String

Title ID this profile applies to

TotalValueToDateInUSD uint32

A sum of player's total purchases in USD across all currencies.

ValuesToDate Dict<String, uint32>

Dictionary of player's total purchases by currency.

VirtualCurrencyBalances Dict<String, int32>

Dictionary of player's virtual currency balances