Request Properties
AndroidDeviceInfo UserAndroidDeviceInfo

User Android device information, if an Android device has been linked

Created (required) DateTime

Timestamp indicating when the user account was created

CustomIdInfo UserCustomIdInfo

Custom ID information, if a custom ID has been assigned

FacebookInfo UserFacebookInfo

User Facebook information, if a Facebook account has been linked

FacebookInstantGamesIdInfo UserFacebookInstantGamesIdInfo

Facebook Instant Games account information, if a Facebook Instant Games account has been linked

GameCenterInfo UserGameCenterInfo

User Gamecenter information, if a Gamecenter account has been linked

GoogleInfo UserGoogleInfo

User Google account information, if a Google account has been linked

IosDeviceInfo UserIosDeviceInfo

User iOS device information, if an iOS device has been linked

KongregateInfo UserKongregateInfo

User Kongregate account information, if a Kongregate account has been linked

NintendoSwitchDeviceIdInfo UserNintendoSwitchDeviceIdInfo

Nintendo Switch account information, if a Nintendo Switch account has been linked

OpenIdInfo List<UserOpenIdInfo>

OpenID Connect information, if any OpenID Connect accounts have been linked

PlayFabId String

Unique identifier for the user account

PrivateInfo UserPrivateAccountInfo

Personal information for the user which is considered more sensitive

PsnInfo UserPsnInfo

User PSN account information, if a PSN account has been linked

SteamInfo UserSteamInfo

User Steam information, if a Steam account has been linked

TitleInfo UserTitleInfo

Title-specific information for the user account

TwitchInfo UserTwitchInfo

User Twitch account information, if a Twitch account has been linked

Username String

User account name in the PlayFab service

WindowsHelloInfo UserWindowsHelloInfo

Windows Hello account information, if a Windows Hello account has been linked

XboxInfo UserXboxInfo

User XBox account information, if a XBox account has been linked