Request Properties
FunctionName (required) String

The name of the CloudScript function to execute

FunctionParameter object

Object that is passed in to the function as the first argument

GeneratePlayStreamEvent Boolean

Generate a 'player_executed_cloudscript' PlayStream event containing the results of the function execution and other contextual information. This event will show up in the PlayStream debugger console for the player in Game Manager.

RevisionSelection CloudScriptRevisionOption

Option for which revision of the CloudScript to execute. 'Latest' executes the most recently created revision, 'Live' executes the current live, published revision, and 'Specific' executes the specified revision. The default value is 'Specific', if the SpeificRevision parameter is specified, otherwise it is 'Live'.

SpecificRevision int32

The specivic revision to execute, when RevisionSelection is set to 'Specific'