Request Properties
BuildVersion String

build version this server is running

GameMode String

game mode this server is running

GameServerData String

game session custom data

GameServerStateEnum GameInstanceState

game specific string denoting server configuration

LastHeartbeat DateTime

last heartbeat of the game server instance, used in external game server provider mode

LobbyID String

unique lobby identifier for this game server

MaxPlayers int32

maximum players this server can support

PlayerUserIds List<String>

array of current player IDs on this server

Region Region

region to which this server is associated

RunTime (required) uint32

duration in seconds this server has been running

ServerIPV4Address String

IPV4 address of the server

ServerIPV6Address String

IPV6 address of the server

ServerPort int32

port number to use for non-http communications with the server

ServerPublicDNSName String

Public DNS name (if any) of the server

StatisticName String

stastic used to match this game in player statistic matchmaking

Tags Dict<String, String>

game session tags