Request Properties
AccountInfo UserAccountInfo

Account information for the user. This is always retrieved.

CharacterInventories List<CharacterInventory>

Inventories for each character for the user.

CharacterList List<CharacterResult>

List of characters for the user.

PlayerProfile PlayerProfileModel

The profile of the players. This profile is not guaranteed to be up-to-date. For a new player, this profile will not exist.

PlayerStatistics List<StatisticValue>

List of statistics for this player.

TitleData Dict<String, String>

Title data for this title.

UserData Dict<String, UserDataRecord>

User specific custom data.

UserDataVersion (required) uint32

The version of the UserData that was returned.

UserInventory List<ItemInstance>

Array of inventory items in the user's current inventory.

UserReadOnlyData Dict<String, UserDataRecord>

User specific read-only data.

UserReadOnlyDataVersion (required) uint32

The version of the Read-Only UserData that was returned.

UserVirtualCurrency Dict<String, int32>

Dictionary of virtual currency balance(s) belonging to the user.

UserVirtualCurrencyRechargeTimes Dict<String, VirtualCurrencyRechargeTime>

Dictionary of remaining times and timestamps for virtual currencies.