Request Properties
CreateAccount Boolean

Automatically create a PlayFab account if one is not currently linked to this ID.

EncryptedRequest String

Base64 encoded body that is encrypted with the Title's public RSA key (Enterprise Only).

InfoRequestParameters GetPlayerCombinedInfoRequestParams

Flags for which pieces of info to return for the user.

PlayerId String

Unique Game Center player id.

PlayerSecret String

Player secret that is used to verify API request signatures (Enterprise Only).

PublicKeyUrl String

The URL for the public encryption key that will be used to verify the signature.

Salt String

A random value used to compute the hash and keep it randomized.

Signature String

The verification signature of the authentication payload.

Timestamp String

The integer representation of date and time that the signature was created on. PlayFab will reject authentication signatures not within 10 minutes of the server's current time.

TitleId (required) String

Unique identifier for the title, found in the Settings > Game Properties section of the PlayFab developer site when a title has been selected.