Request Properties
AdCampaignAttributions List<AdCampaignAttributionModel>

List of advertising campaigns the player has been attributed to

AvatarUrl String

URL of the player's avatar image

BannedUntil DateTime

If the player is currently banned, the UTC Date when the ban expires

ContactEmailAddresses List<ContactEmailInfoModel>

List of all contact email info associated with the player account

Created DateTime

Player record created

DisplayName String

Player display name

ExperimentVariants List<String>

List of experiment variants for the player.

LastLogin DateTime

UTC time when the player most recently logged in to the title

LinkedAccounts List<LinkedPlatformAccountModel>

List of all authentication systems linked to this player account

Locations List<LocationModel>

List of geographic locations from which the player has logged in to the title

Memberships List<MembershipModel>

List of memberships for the player, along with whether are expired.

Origination LoginIdentityProvider

Player account origination

PlayerId String

PlayFab player account unique identifier

PublisherId String

Publisher this player belongs to

PushNotificationRegistrations List<PushNotificationRegistrationModel>

List of configured end points registered for sending the player push notifications

Statistics List<StatisticModel>

List of leaderboard statistic values for the player

Tags List<TagModel>

List of player's tags for segmentation

TitleId String

Title ID this player profile applies to

TotalValueToDateInUSD uint32

Sum of the player's purchases made with real-money currencies, converted to US dollars equivalent and represented as a whole number of cents (1/100 USD). For example, 999 indicates nine dollars and ninety-nine cents.

ValuesToDate List<ValueToDateModel>

List of the player's lifetime purchase totals, summed by real-money currency