PlayFab API & SDK Release Notes

Unless otherwise noted, no change will ever affect an existing title. Upgrade warnings are notes about less-than-trivial changes to the sdk which may cause minor compiler errors if you change/upgrade your PlayFab SDK version.

171106 Date: 2017-11-06

New API Methods:

Updated PlayStream Event:

All SDKs:

  • MINOR SDK BREAKING CHANGE: ForgetClientCredentials() renamed to ForgetAllCredentials()
  • This is part of a "coming soon" feature, which will be announced when complete

171102 Date: 2017-11-02

New PlayFab Feature:

  • Send emails to your players, using templates

New API methods:

Documentation Update:

New PlayStream Events:

Unreal Specific Update:

  • Our auto builder failed to publish the Unreal SDKs for build number 171016 and 171026.  The issue with our auto-builder has been resolved, and version 171026 has been published after-the-fact, and releases will resume normally

Unity Specific Changes:

  • MINOR BREAKING CHANGE: ForgetCientCredentials has been renamed to ForgetAllCredentials
  • This is part of a new feature that will be coming soon. ForgetCientCredentials will be renamed to ForgetAllCredentials in all SDKs over the next few releases.

171026 Date: 2017-10-26

API Documentation Changes:

  • Updating error codes for API methods
  • Many error codes that are universal to all API methods have been removed from the per-API-method list. A new page will be made which describes universal error codes
  • Removed Universal Codes: InvalidParams, OverLimit, DataUpdateRateExceeded, AccountBanned
  • These errors (and others, to be published in a separate document) can be returned from any API method and should be handled appropriately
  • New error codes have been added to several dozen API methods, and a few false codes removed. The error code lists should be much more accurate for method-specific error returns. This is still an ongoing process, so there will be more updates
  • Several API methods involving virtual currency can decrease the balance below zero. These have been labeled appropriately

API Changes:

  • New API Methods:
  • Hosted game servers support both IPv4 and IPv6
    • Custom game servers now support IPV6. All newly started game server instances are assigned both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses, which are displayed in the Game Manager "Servers" tab and returned by the matchmaking APIs. Clients can connect to either the IPV4 or IPV6 address for the assigned server.
    • All API methods that return server addresses now return both options: client.StartGame.StartGameResult

Game Manager Changes:

  • You can now delete titles using the new Admin/DeleteTitle API or on the Game Manager studios page:
    • Delete Titles with Game Manager

171016 Date: 2017-10-16

API Changes:

New PlayStream Events:

JavaScriptSdk Specific Changes:

LuaSdk Specific Changes:

  • Our Lua publish pipeline has been fixed, and LuaSdk is being updated properly again.

UnitySdk Specific Changes:

  • A regression in Unity has been handled on our side, and should no longer affect PlayFab customers.

UnrealCppSdk Specific Changes:

  • One of our customers has made an add-on plugin to our SDK which integrates the Unreal OnlineSubsystem & the PlayFab SDK
  • You can check it out here.

Unicorn Battle Example:

  • Deleted PlayFab custom Push Plugin & Updated to FCM push messages

170925 Date: 2017-09-05

API Changes:

  • A handful of beta APIs that were never made public have been removed. This should not affect any current customers or live titles.
  • We bypassed the default language-level header checks in our Cloud Script engine. This means several Cloud Script http.request() headers that were formerly being rejected should now work

Global Push Notification Update:

  • Please see our blog for details about the improvements to Push Notifications

New PlayStream Events:

  • player_device_info
    • Games using the latest UnitySDK can now see some basic analytics data about their customers. SnowFlake is ideal for viewing and analyzing this information, but it's also available in the PlayStream Event History.
  • player_updated_membership

JavaScriptSDK Specific Changes:

  • A handful of mini-features that exist in other SDKs have been added to JavaScriptSDK:
    • You can now inject extra headers into requests (removing one of the blockers for Double Encrypted Logins with this SDK)
    • Added a new function: PlayFabClientSDK.ForgetClientCredentials()
      • This is a convenience function that allows you to reset the client after shutting down or logging out.
    • PlayFab.GenerateErrorReport()
      • This is a convenience function that converts the error-result from a failed PlayFab call into a single complete description of how the call failed.
    • Added optional data relays into the PlayFab API requests:
      • result.customData
        • This is any contextual object you can attach to the request, which can provide context for the result. For example, you can provide a local client-player object as the customData for an UpdatePlayerStatistics call, and set the updated statistics on that player after the remote call has succeeded.
      • result.request
        • The request for your API calls are now relayed to the result, which can provide context for the result. For example, when you call UpdatePlayerStatistics, you can read the updated stats from the request, when updating your local player object.

UnitySDK Specific Changes:

  • New experimental feature: This release of PlayFab UnitySDK now optionally allows you to see device information for your players. Example information you can see is: memory, resolution, user-agent, device-type, OS version, etc.

Unreal CPP SDK Specific Changes:

  • Updated to Unreal 4.17
  • Split apart into 3 separate plugins, each with different functionality
  • Pretty significant upgrades overall

170828 Date: 2017-08-28

Client API Changes:

  • client.GetCurrentGames.result.Games[i].GameServerState has been deprecated and replaced with GameServerStateEnum
    • GameServerState was serialized as an integer, which was an error.  The new field is a proper enum-string.

Other API Changes:

New PlayStream Events:

170814 Date: 2017-08-14

API Updates:

CSharpSdk Specific Updates:

  • SDK now includes a file called NewtonSoftJsonWrapper.cs which will let you swap out our included SimpleJson serializer with the NewtonSoft nuget package.
  • The file includes instructions on how to use it.

170807 Date: 2017-08-07

New API Methods:

Deprecated API Methods:

  • These API methods never worked as fully and completely as they were supposed to. In an effort to clean this up, we've started over, and built the new "DeletePlayer" API above, and these are deprecated:
  • admin.ResetUsers
  • admin.DeleteUsers

API Updates:

  • PlayerProfile (in Admin/Server/PlayStream) contains a new field "ContactEmailAddresses" which contains any email address info you may have saved about your players

PlayStream Events:

LumberyardSdk Changes:

  • UPGRADE WARNING: This SDK is no longer compatible with previous versions of Lumberyard.
  • This release of PlayFab LumberyardSdk no longer works with Lumberyard version 1.3. It has been upgraded and now targets Lumberyard 1.9. We will very likely have it targeting 1.10 in the near future, but again without backwards compatibility to 1.9 or earlier. See our blog for details.

Unreal Cpp SDK:

  • This SDK has been discontinued, and will no longer be maintained. We will produce an upgrade guide so that users can switch to the Unreal Blueprint SDK. Please see this blog for more details.
  • See our upgrade guide

Unreal SDK:

  • The PlayFab Unreal Blueprint SDK is now rebranded as the "Unreal SDK"
  • Unreal SDK has been updated to 4.16, with some minor fixes
  • We're also removing support for older versions of Unreal, which require older versions of Visual Studio
    • We now support 4.14 thru 4.16
    • Your project may continue working for older versions of Visual Studio, but we can only support and test Visual Studio 2015 and later
    • Read our blog for more info

Unity Editor Extensions:

  • Fixed issues downloading and uploading Cloud Script revisions
  • Fixed issues for users whose system language uses non-ASCII letters

170710 Date: 2017-07-10


SDK Breaking Change:

  • admin.SetupPushNotificationRequest.Platform is now defined as an enum instead of a string.  This is not a breaking change to the API (as enums are transmitted as strings), but it will require some users to convert their strings to the enum values in their code.

Changes in all SDKs:

  • Minor SDK Breaking Change: Most SDKs have lost an optional field in multiple requests called UseSpecificVersion, which was an alternate way to define the adjacent Version field as null.  Not all languages have the capability to define an integer as null in the request JSON, and this field was only meant to be useful in relevant SDKs (Specifically Unreal).  If you are using this field, just remove it, and set the adjacent Version field to null when appropriate.

Unity EditorExtensions Update:

  • The flags panel has been updated:
    • ENABLE/DISABLE_IDFA flag can be toggled now
    • Displays non-PlayFab flags, and allows you to remove them (use with caution, don't remove flags you need)

SDK Dependency Updates:

  • UnitySDK built, packaged, and tested with Unity2017.1.0f1
    • Only trivial, non-breaking changes
  • ActionScriptSDK tested with AirSDK v26
    • SDK unchanged, example updated to target v26
  • Cocos built, and tested with Cocos 3.15.1
    • Cocos 3.14->3.15 contained changes that broke our example, which in turn meant the example had to be updated.  The example still works with 3.13 thru 3.15, but the example probably won't work with older versions of Cocos
    • SDK unchanged, and should continue to work with most of the latest 3.X Cocos versions

170612 Date: 2017-06-12

Documentation Changes:

  • Many small revisions to dozens of API methods for clarity
  • Several documentation-groupings, each which only contained a single API method, have been merged into a single group called "Platform Specific Methods"
  • The "Matchmaking  APIs" group has been renamed to "Matchmaking" to be consistent with other groups
  • Many length-restricted string fields now describe the allowed ranges

Changes in all SDKs:

  • Lots of broken links in all SDK readme's have been updated and fixed.

UnitySDK Specific Changes:

  • We now support multiple versions of the Android API and Google Play Services.  Read more details here
  • This concludes the planned changes to the Unity + Android Push-Plugin for now. Please let us know if you have any additional requests here

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