PlayFab API & SDK Release Notes

Unless otherwise noted, no change will ever affect an existing title. Upgrade warnings are notes about less-than-trivial changes to the sdk which may cause minor compiler errors if you change/upgrade your PlayFab SDK version.

190610 Date: 2019-06-05

API Changes:

  • Minor bug fixes

Authentication API Changes:

190520 Date: 2019-05-20

API Changes:

  • Minor bugfixes

UnrealSDK specific changes:

  • Verified working on 4.20, 4.21, 4.22

UnitySDK specific changes:

  • Unity: 5.6.Latest, and all versions from 2017.1.Latest to 2019.1.Latest

190509 Date: 2019-05-09

API Changes:

UnitySdk specific changes:

  • Verified working on 2019.1

CSharpSdk and XPlatCppSdk specific changes:

  • Minor bugfixes

190424 Date: 2019-04-24

API Changes:

     Updated Error codes for Admin API, Authentication API, CloudScript API, Groups API, Matchmaker API, Multiplayer API

190410 Date: 2019-04-10

Profile API Changes:

190312 Date: 2019-03-11

API Changes:

190304 Date: 2019-03-04

API Changes:

  •  Windows C++ SDK is now deprecated. We recommend using the XPlatCppSdk for any windows C++ development

190219 Date: 2019-02-19

Minor bug fixes

190205 Date: 2019-02-05

API Changes:

  •  Updated obsolete documentation meta data
  •  Added TypeString as an Alternate name for Type in most APIS
  •  Added AddLocalizedNews to the Admin API
  •  Added GetPlayFabIDsFromPSNAccountIDs to the Server API

190123 Date: 2019-01-23

API Changes:

  • Added another MatchmakingEntityInvalid reason - NoLeaderboardForStatistic
  • Added CurrentServerStats to Multiplayer Models
  • Various bug fixes across Unity 

Xbox xplat nugets are also available:

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