PlayFab API & SDK Release Notes

Unless otherwise noted, no change will ever affect an existing title. Upgrade warnings are notes about less-than-trivial changes to the sdk which may cause minor compiler errors if you change/upgrade your PlayFab SDK version.

170223 Date: 2017-02-22

Api Changes:

  • PlayFab leaderboards now store an avatar url for every player.  This can be used to reference a player image for leaderboard entries.
  • All leaderboard APIs can now fetch a specific version of the leaderboard.  This is for titles which are set to use Resetting Leaderboards.
  • Leaderboard entries now contain the PlayerProfile which can be used to display more detailed leaderboards without additional API calls
  • PlayFab can now authenticate clients using Windows Hello and validate Windows Store receipts

New APIs:

New PlayStream Events:

WindowsSDK Specific Changes:

  • Added some missing null checks to the JSON serializer

All SDKs:

  • Minor additions to the testTitleData format.  This only applies to the Example-Test projects that come with SDKs.

170130 Date: 2017-01-29

Breaking Changes:

  • The folder structure for JavaScriptSDK and NodeSDK has been changed with today's major release.  This may result in some broken connections for your project when you upgrade.  (File names and file contents have not changed.  New TypeScript files now exist, which did not exist before)

API Changes:

  • Added clarifying documentation to CDN APIs.  Specifically mentioning that the CDN is not part of our free service.
  • Google login fixes (Blog Post Pending)

New PlayStream Events:

JavaScriptSDK Specific Changes:

  • Release day for a major upgrade!  Version number updated to 1.0
  • TypeScript integration!
  • Repository cleanup: Separating the sdk files from the example files
  • Our example project has been converted to TypeScript
  • See our blog!


  • Release day for a major upgrade!  Version number updated to 1.0
  • TypeScript integration!
  • Our example project has been converted to TypeScript
  • See our blog!

CloudScript Examples:

  • Release of a new example repository.
  • TypeScript integration!
  • See our blog!
  • And new repository!
  • We will be expanding this repository over time.


  • Fixed an issue where where JsonWrapper did not work as expected in all cases.
  • See our forum post for details:
  • All of the following deprecated wrapper classes have been removed in favor of PlayFab.Json.JsonWrapper
  • PlayFab.Json.JsonConvert (Use PlayFab.Json.JsonWrapper)
  • PlayFab.Json.SimpleJson (Use PlayFab.Json.JsonWrapper or PlayFab.Json.PlayFabSimpleJson)
  • PlayFab.SimpleJson (Use PlayFab.Json.JsonWrapper or PlayFab.Json.PlayFabSimpleJson)
  • Repeating a note from 160627, UnityEngine.SimpleJson is an empty namespace in the UnityEngine.dll, and that makes it necessary for us to not use that identifier.


  • Resolved an issue where the PlayFab panel will re-load infinitely if your account cannot view any studios.
  • Resolved an issue where PlayFabSharedSettings (Scriptable Object) would sometimes not save properly if you picked your title from the PlayFab panel.

170109 Date: 2017-01-08

Breaking Changes:

  • Libs in older versions of WindowsSdk have been removed, and must be re-created in Visual Studio.  Those libs never worked in vs2015, so it's highly suggested you just update to the latest WindowsSdk, published last week.

API Changes:

  • Fixed typos in documentation

All SDKs:

SdkGenerator Changes:

  • The ActionScriptSDK build script was inconsistent from the other SDKs.  The SdkGenerator commands that build ActionScriptSDK have been simplified to match other SDKs.  (No changes to the SDK itself)

UnitySDK Specific Changes:

  • Some public elements in PlayFabSettings have gained Obsolete tags: PlayFabSettings.PlayFabSharedSettings, PlayFabSettings.DefaultPlayFabApiUrl, PlayFabSettings.GetSharedSettingsObject(), PlayFabSettings.ProductionEnvironmentUrl.  These will be made private after a transition period

WindowsSDK Specific Changes:

  • GitHub repo has been BFG'd, and all large files have been removed from the history.  Please delete your clone or fork, and re-create it so that your history is clean.

170102 Date: 2017-01-01

API Changes:

  • Client/GetUserCombinedInfo has transitioned to fully obsolete, and has been removed from the SDK and documentation

Cocos2d-xSDK Specific Changes:

  • Fixed a crash when a PlayFab API returns an invalid response
  • Resolved some compiler warnings
  • Added unit tests for lambda callback functions in our test example project

UnitySdk Specific Changes:

  • We have internally updated to Unity 5.5, and our .unitypackage files are built using this version
  • As always, we continue to support all Unity versions 4.7 and higher
  • Added static constructors to many static classes, in order to solidify the initialization sequence in Mono2x compiler.  This should resolve some of the PlayFabSharedSettings issues we've been seeing in iOS.
  • IDFA/ADID will now work properly for Unity 5.6 beta.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Unity 5.6 beta builds do not work on Windows Server (OS), which includes PlayFab game-server hosting.  Please contact Unity if this affects you.

WindowsSdk Specific Changes:

161121 Date: 2016-11-20

API Changes:

  • Each Client API can now be individually enabled or disabled
  • See our blog post for details
  • We are releasing a new feature called Scheduled Tasks
  • See our blog post for details: (Coming soon)

New APIs:

New PlayStream Event:

WindowsSdk Specific Changes:

161108 Date: 2016-11-07

HOTFIX: Version 1.0 of the overhauled CSharpSdk increased the .Net version requirement from 4.0 to 4.6.
This was not intended.  This hotfix removes the 4.6 only features, so that it will once again build on .Net 4.0 or higher.

161107 Date: 2016-11-06

API Changes:

  • CatalogItem
    • InitialLimitedEditionCount ( out of beta )
      If IsLImitedEdition is true, then this determines amount of the item initially available. Note that this field is ignored if the catalog item already existed in this catalog, or the field is less than 1.
  • Player display name uniqueness is now optional.
  • Player display name returned as Photon "Nickname" when players connect to Photon Cloud

Server API
  • RedeemCouponRequest
    • Added: CharacterId
      Optional identifier for the Character that should receive the item. If null, item is added to the player
  • UpdatePlayerStatisticsRequest
    • Added: ForceUpdate
      Indicates whether the statistics provided should be set, regardless of the aggregation method set on the statistic. Default is false.

New PlayStream Events:
  • Player_photon_session_authenticated
  • Title_secret_key_changed
  • Title_api_settings_changed

SDK Changes:

CSharp Specific Changes:

161031 Date: 2016-10-30

Unreal Blueprints hotfix release

UnrealBlueprintSDK upgrade warning: There was a naming conflict between Android and the PlayFab "SourceType" enum. As a result, we've had to rename this blueprint-enum.  This breaks any Client/GetStoreItems or Admin/GetStoreItems PlayFab-api-nodes. The upgrade process in-editor is to delete and re-create each affected blueprint node.

UnrealBlueprintSDK Specific Changes:

  • Fixed a minor bug where certain errors would not report correctly
  • Fixed a name conflict that prevented making Android builds (ESourceType)

161017 Date: 2016-10-16

Deprecation Changes:

  • Client/GetUserCombinedInfo has transitioned from Proposed to Deprecated, which means most SDKs using this will now throw an error. Please transition to Client/GetPlayerCombinedInfo
  • Deprecated APIs from this patchnote: 160822 have transitioned from deprecated to obsolete, according to this blog: Deprecation Visibility And thus, those APIs have been removed from the newest version of the SDKs. If you update your SDK, you must now transition to the new replacement APIs
  • "Password" in Admin/Models/UserCredentials has been deprecated. You no longer need to know your user's password to call Admin/ResetUsers

UnitySDK Breaking Changes:

  • If you are using reflection on PlayFab API-model types, you will have to convert your reflection logic from properties to fields (See UnitySdk Specific Changes below)

API Changes:

  • New PlayStream events: gamelobby_started, gamelobby_ended
  • Client/AttributeInstall request has deprecated "Android_Id" and converted to "Adid". All SDKs have had some internal login hooks updated to account for this. This is not a breaking change, because it was always intended to use Google-AdvertisingId (Adid), and using the Android DeviceId here would not have worked properly. This change is merely for clarity and consistency
  • For the GitHub add-on, revisions to Cloud Script will no longer immediately go live. Instead a new revision will be made, and you make it live via Game Manager
  • The default helloWorld Cloud Script function described in this doc: Using Cloud Script was out of date. Updated the document to more closely match the current version (This is only relevant to new title creation)

API Server Bugfixes:

  • Fixed a 500 error in Server/ExecuteCloudScript: PlayFabId is now a mandatory parameter (Formerly it would error if it wasn't provided)
  • Fixed a 500 error in Server/GetSharedGroupData: SharedGroupId is now a mandatory parameter (Formerly it would error if it wasn't provided)
  • Fixed a 500 error in Server/AddSharedGroupMembers: PlayFabIds is now a mandatory parameter (Formerly it would error if it wasn't provided)
  • Fixed a 500 error in Server/RemoveSharedGroupMembers: PlayFabIds is now a mandatory parameter (Formerly it would error if it wasn't provided)
  • Fixed a 500 error in Server/DeleteSharedGroup: SharedGroupId is now a mandatory parameter (Formerly it would error if it wasn't provided)

LuaSDK Specific Changes:

  • Better identification headers for Corona vs Defold

UnitySDK Specific Changes:

  • Model properties have been converted to fields so they display better in the Unity Inspector (where relevant)
  • Fixed a bug where if a Cloud Script function returns a primitive, it will now be properly deserialized and returned as FunctionResult (Formerly it would have been null)
  • The PaperTrail package has been fixed: UnityPlayFabPaperTrail.unitypackage

SdkGenerator Specific Changes:

  • SdkGenerator can additionally read Api-Specs from Api-Server or GitHub, allowing customers to build their custom SDKs in-sync with PlayFab api-server, and with fewer steps and dependencies

161003 Date: 2016-10-02

API Changes:

SDK Global Changes:

LuaSDK Specific Changes:

UnitySDK Specific Changes:

  • UnitySDK V0 repository is being retired. Everybody should please update to UnitySDK V2 available on our download page.
  • IDFA and AdvertisingId will work properly on Unity 5.5 beta versions.
  • Cloud Script functions that return a primitive, such as an integer, will now deserialize correctly
  • Minor improvements to Unity Compression, it should now be safe to enable compression in the PlayFabSharedSettings scriptable object.

WindowsSdk Specific Problems:

  • The .lib files published with this repo are now bigger than the GitHub max file-size limit.
  • The latest version does not have updated lib files, and we've begun looking at alternatives.

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